The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) has conducted an independent evaluation of the Right to Rent scheme and has uncovered a number of negative impacts on tenants and landlords as a direct result of the scheme. These include:


  • There is evidence that landlords are prepared to discriminate against those with complicated immigration status and those who cannot provide documentation immediately.
  • Many landlords have found the checks confusing and have therefore undertaken them incorrectly.
  • The ‘Code of Practice for Landlords’ and the ‘Code of Practice on Avoiding Discrimination’ are difficult for landlords and agents to understand.

Although these rules are complicated and the risks to landlords are very real, there is help available. Paragon Law’s service for landlords and tenants, known as Right2Rent, can help landlords to navigate through the myriad of Rules and Regulations which are causing such confusion and leading to fines, the risk of imprisonment and discrimination claims. To find out more about the services we can offer landlords and tenants please see the link below.


Right2Rent Services for Landlords

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To see the full JCWI report please click here.

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New Government proposals announced on the 02 August 2015 include imprisonment of Landlords for a period of up to 5 years, where they repeatedly fail to comply with the new ‘right to rent’ scheme.

Associate Solicitor, Mark Lilley-Tams, explains in greater detail the proposed changes and how Right2Rent can assist tenants, landlords and letting agents to avoid the pitfalls of these new requirements.

Please visit http://www.right2rent.co.uk/landlords-face-imprisonment-if-new-right-to-rent-rules-not-followed/ to find out more or email markl@paragonlaw.co.uk