Importing vehicles, pets and personal belongings to the UK from outside of the EU

The guidance issued by HMRC in relation to bringing vehicles and pets from outside of the EU to the UK was updated on the 6th March 2017. This guidance is available here.

The guidance confirms that when a person relocates to the UK and brings with them a vehicle or pet, those goods will normally be subject to standard import duties and charges unless an application is made for relief from the normal duties on the form ‘Transfer of Residence’. Certain items (for example pet dogs and cats) may be eligible for relief from the normal duties and charges.

Due to the recent change in the regulations, the processing time for ‘transfers of residence’ are presently taking longer. Therefore, for those intending to transfer their pets or vehicles to the UK whilst travelling, we would strongly recommend that you submit your application for a ‘Transfer of Residence’ at the earliest opportunity.

Further guidance on the requirements involved in bringing pets to the UK can also be found here.

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