You May Now Be Able To Reuse Your Biometrics For Your Next Immigration Application

The UK Visas & Immigration service currently faces a backlog due to the COVID19 pandemic. As lockdown measures ease and the phased reopening of centres continues UKVI have temporarily changed the way some applications are processed. UKVI have introduced the IDV app which allows those applicants identified as eligible to reuse their biometrics from a previous application as part of their current application. The rollout of the IDV app commenced on 17th August 2020.
The reuse of biometrics is only available for in country applications. It has been confirmed that the following visa categories are eligible:
• work
• study
• family
• settlement
• marriage
• citizenship
• BRP replacement
• private life
Of those who have been identified as eligible to use the app they may choose to opt out of the scheme and continue with a UKVCAS biometric appointment. For those who wish to participate in the scheme The IDV app works on the following smart phones:
Android phones – running Android 7.0 and above with a camera with a minimum 5-megapixel camera
iOS – App works on iPhone 6 and above and having version iOS 12 and above.
The app allows the applicant to complete the following:
• Login to the app using their UKVCAS credentials
• Take a selfie
• Do a ‘liveness’ check
• Take a photo of their travel documents
• Submit the application to UKVI
The IDV app is designed to ensure you can upload your supporting documents to complete your application. Paragon Law will continue to advise initially on the merits of making your application and the documentary evidence that you will need in support. We will then assist in uploading all supporting documents as part of the application as well offering assistance with any difficulties our clients have in completing selfie/liveness checks. Decisions will commence once all supporting documents have been uploaded and submitted alongside the live ‘selfie’.
Those individuals who had already paid and booked for a UKVCAS biometric enrolment appointment but have subsequently moved over to the IDV app may be eligible for a refund. If you have booked an appointment, you must cancel your appointment on the UKVCAS website.
The app is currently open to those submitted their application on or before 31st July. If UKVCAS received your application on or after 1 August 2020, you won’t be able currently to book an appointment. This is because UKVI are assessing which customers are eligible for biometric reuse and the IDV app.
For those who applied up to 23rd August, UKVI have confirmed that they will be in we will be in touch as soon as possible to outline next steps.
Paragon Law will keep you updated on developments.

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