Why Nottingham? Kirin Abbas Gives Us Her Perspective

Our Director and Immigration Specialist Kirin Abbas featured in last weeks Nottingham Professional Services Article, ‘Why Nottingham?’

Provided by Nottingham Professional Services

Q1: When Did You Start to Work in Nottingham?

I commenced my legal career in April 2000 with Berryman Solicitors (now Shakespeare Martineau) as an immigration law paralegal. At the time I had just completed my Masters in International Human Rights at the University of Nottingham and was looking to start the Legal Practice Course at Nottingham Law School, where I am now a visiting lecturer in European Law. Following an MBO of the immigration department at Berryman, my co-director Thal and I set up Paragon Law in 2003 which to this day remains a niche immigration law firm.

Q2: What Attracted You to The City?

A number of factors. Two great universities to continue my legal studies, close family members who live here and a close network of friends from university who had also decided to stay. The niche area of law that I wanted to pursue my career in was immigration law and as is the case to some extent even today, the main law firms and NGO’s that work in this area are based in London, a city which for me is a nice place to visit but not work. I had visions of commuting on the yellow line for the rest of my life and therefore I was lucky that the role at Berryman came at the right time. Nottingham for me at that time was very much like London but condensed into a smaller place. Nice restaurants, good destination place for shopping, a vibrant and diverse student city…………..

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