The Main Rules Of Business Etiquette In India

India has a rich and complex culture that makes business deals a little challenging. In such a country, making generic conclusions can cost traders lots of money. Some of the factors taken in account include religion, regionalism, caste and language. Businessmen holding an Indian visa need to learn about the business etiquettes in India. It is important to understand that the approach, behaviour and etiquette are modified depending on who you are dealing business with.

A majority of foreign traders with Indian visas conduct business in the major cities of India such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. Most probably, these Indian visa bearers will deal with a specific socio-economic class. If you are a businessman who has an Indian visa and are bound for a business trip, it pays to read some of these basic business etiquettes. This will guide you on how to properly conduct business with associates and hopefully end up with a great deal. However, this list is not meant to summarize all the business etiquettes of India. This only serves as an introduction for all foreigners with an Indian visa.

* India visa bearers need to understand that business involves hierarchy. Only one man has the ultimate power in business, the boss. Whether you are a local or a foreigner, you need to respect this hierarchy.

* Indian businessmen prefer dealing with people they know. If a company or corporation sponsors you for a business class India visa, consider this as a show of trust and respect.

* Unlike in most other cultures, Indians prefer a long-standing personal association before entering into a business deal. For traders or investors who would like to deal with Indian businessmen, a third party introduction can provide added credibility.

* Generally, foreign investors who will travel to India require a special kind of business permit or an India visa. Make sure that you inform your business partner of the proposed meeting or make an appointment one month in advance. Wait for them to confirm the appointment or just ask them to set the schedule of appointment. Informing them a week before the appointment will make sure that both of you are still available for the meeting. Last minute cancellations are common in any business meeting.

* Just like the western culture, punctuality is considered by Indians as a sign of interest. It is highly recommended that you come earlier than the call time.

* If it is your first meeting, majority of the time will be devoted for getting-to-know each other. The culture in India dictates that business partners should, at the very least, personally know each other.

* Make sure that you address your prospect business partner by his title such as Doctor, Engineer or Professor. If your business partner does not have any professional title, Sir or Maam may do. Indians revere titles and consider them as a state in the caste.

* Generally, decision making is a slow process with the head or the authority as the final decision.

Hopefully these guidelines will help you find the reach a great business deal. Don’t waste your India Visa by simply failing with these cultural barriers.

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