Immigration Law expert to share key insights at series of Chamber Brexit events

Thalej Vasishta, Group Chief Executive Officer of Nottingham-based Paragon Law, will be sharing his expert insight into future immigration rules around employing skilled and unskilled migrants Post Brexit, at a series of events with the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce.

Attendance at the events is free for both members and none-members, which are delivered in partnership with Mansfield District Council

The first event will focus on some of the key concerns for the Manufacturing and Engineering Sector and takes place on Wednesday, 25 September 2019, from 8:30am – 11:30am.

The next event on October 1st, will focus on the Transport and Logistics Sector, whilst a third event on October 9th will address key concerns for employers and HR professionals in relation to how to respond to potential changes due to the UK leaving the EU.

Paragon Law is a Patron of EMC and Thalej Vasishta is on the Brexit Advisory Group of the Chamber. Since the Referendum result, Paragon Law has advised a number of business in the region with regards to their people strategy, particularly businesses that have historically had a large workforce from the EU and migrants from outside of the EU. 

Thalej explains;

‘This is a critical time for British businesses and it is essential that we are all as prepared as possible to understand the situation before, during and after this delicate period of transition. 

‘With regards Settled Status, the Government has already invested hugely in the application process and whilst the Boris Johnson Government does still appear to be supporting the settled status scheme, there is uncertainty as to what the new Immigration Rules will be with regards to future immigration from both the EU and outside of the EU. 

‘Many businesses, particularly in sectors such as logistics, engineering and manufacturing rely both on skilled migration and less skilled workers (the latter which up until now have been coming from the EU) and therefore they need certainty so that they can plan for their future workforce accordingly. 

‘Seminars such as these organised by the Chamber are critically important so that businesses can be updated on different scenarios (deal or no-deal), the new timeframes to make settled status applications for the EU workforce and how the Immigration Bill may shape the future immigration of workers from and outside of the EU.’’

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