Talk to any business person who has done business with China and one word is certain to crop up and divide opinion every time ‘guanxi’. We don’t have a direct translation in English but in its broadest context it means ‘developing personal connections’. The power of guanxi is underestimated by so many businesses I speak with. In the UK we are lucky; we have a solid legal structure and business conventions that near enough everyone sticks to. This means we can parachute into a meeting, flick over our business card and start talking numbers. In China it is not so easy. Business is built around personal relationship. People would rather trade with their friends because they know what to expect. They are cautious about making business deals with new comers because the conventions we are privileged to enjoy in the UK, that of the hand shake and signing of deals, doesn’t carry much weight. In China, the best business is done between friends.

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Those of us from the Orient or the Occident who are sagacious in coming together in business, friendship and love are helping to create a brighter world for our children.

We thank you for our collaboration and in the year of the horse we wish you a bright and healthy year ahead.

The Paragon Law Team


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“Attracting and retaining the best staff is important to the success of all businesses regardless of size. One of the ways to do this is to ensure that all staff are encouraged to develop new skills through training. However how does the business assure itself  that there is a return on investment? Read this report from a Talent Forum in which Thalej Vasishta and other business leaders participated:”


Paragon Law in Nottingham has secured the national Law Society’s law management quality mark, Lexcel.

Lexcel is developed specifically for the legal profession.  It is an optional, recognised accreditation scheme for law firms and in-house legal departments which gives assurance that a practice meets high client care and business management standards.

To gain and retain Lexcel accreditation, practice must undergo a rigorous intial then annual application and assessment process.  This includes conducting background checks and an on-site visit from an experienced, trained Lexcel assessor.

Marcus Worthington, Operations Director, said: “While we are proud to have secured Lexcel, it is our clients and staff who are the main beneficiaries.  They can be assured that the way we manage the practice has their interests at heart and runs efficiently.  There is a lot of choice in the legal services market, but being Lexcel accredited demonstrates our commitment to client care and best practice”.

Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, President of the Law Society of England and Wales, said: Gaining and maintaining Lexcel is no mean feat.  There are many facets of being a Lexcel accredited law firm, including client care.  A commitment to customer service in today’s evermore competitive legal services market is vital.

“By undergoing the rigorous Lexcel application and assessment process practices can show the positive steps they are taking to help clients in the increasingly diverse, complicated legal services market.

The scheme is a beacon of quality to clients and potential clients alike”.

Paragon Law joins more than 1200 other legal practices in England & Wales with Lexcel accreditation.  The practice management accolade has also gone international, with firms in Scotland, the Middle East, Poland and the Republic of Ireland having gained accreditation.

For more information about the Lexcel quality mark, please contact the Law Society Press office on: +44 (0)20 7316 5624 or email:


Thalej Vasishta, Managing Director of UK Immigration Law Firm Paragon Law has announced today that he has set up a joint venture company called Complete Sports Solutions (Asia) Limited.  The other shareholders and directors of the company include former England and Chelsea player Tony Dorigo and Jamie Digwood (left in picture above) who has worked for the English FA Medical Science team, Chelsea FC and Wolverhampton Wanderers, primarily developing the football academies at these clubs.

Complete Sports Solutions (Asia) Limited will specialise in bringing school tours from initially China to the UK and during their trip to the UK the boys will have the opportunity to train at top Premiership football club academies such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Everton etc.  The tour will also be completed with watching live Premiership games, stadium tours, meeting players and sightseeing.

In addition the company will also specialise in elite business tours from China with complete packages being arranged for groups of business people to come to the UK to watch premiership games, stadium tours, meeting players and sightseeing throughout the UK. 

Ling Xu who is Paragon Law’s Country Director based in Shanghai and who will lead the project from China said “this will be a very exciting proposition for the China market with the interest in football growing in China year upon year.  This interest is only set to grow as football clubs in China begin to sign up players such as Didier Drogba.  We have already had tremendous interest from independent schools and the business community in Shanghai”.  

Jamie Digwood who will be the CEO of the new company said “my existing company, Complete Sports Solutions (UK) Limited has been bringing school tours from Australia and the USA for a number of years and it is a natural progression for us to expand into the China market.  Not only will we be bringing schoolboy and elite business tours from China to the UK but we will also be setting up similar tours from the UK, USA and Australia into China.  Almost simultaneously we will be expanding into India”.

Tony Dorigo, who was instrumental in bringing Thalej Vasishta and Jamie Digwood together will have an Ambassadorial role in the new company.  He said “the collective talents and synergy between all of us makes this a great business to be involved in.  The number of people in China who watch Premiership games runs into the millions and there is a real appetite in China to develop football at grass roots level.  School tours therefore from China where Chinese boys will be coached by the best football academies, being taught about diet, exercise and playing against up and coming talent in the UK will help China’s aspirations towards developing the sport”.

Thalej Vasishta said “Complete Sport Solutions (Asia) Limited is a natural diversification for not only myself but my existing company Paragon Law as we not only have a wealth of experience of dealing with high volume “group” visas but we also have very strong relationships in the sports sector and independent schools in China.  Moreover, during recent trips to China we have met local Government officials from at least two cities in China who do not have local football clubs and are very keen to develop action plans for football in their cities.  Tony’s and Jamie’s deep knowledge of football from grass roots level right up to the very best in the Premiership game will no doubt help with these types of projects also”.

The first tours from China will commence in February/March 2013.

Just read  AmCham’s 2012 China Business Climate Survey Report  looking at American Businesses business expectations with China over the next year.  In summary the numbers are not as good as last year’s, but considering the overall global economic situation, they are still quite good.  Some highlights:

  • 92% of respondents forecast that their China 2012 revenues will either stay the same or surpass their 2011 revenues.  76% forecast they will increase.
  • 39% report that their operating margins in China exceed their worldwide margins and an additional 29% report that they are “comparable.”
  • 66% report that their primary goals and strategies for China are to “produce goods or services in China for the China market.”  This number is up 8% from 2010.
  • 63% of those respondents who brought an IP infringement action in a Chinese court were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with “the level of cooperation from the Chinese courts.” This number strikes me as shockingly high and I am guessing it is higher than would be the case if the same question were asked of American companies regarding American courts.

On the downside, the American company respondents remain very concerned about IP protection in China, rising costs (particularly the government requiring employers to pay social insurance taxes on foreign employees in China) and a licensing regime that discriminates against foreign companies doing business in China.

In conclusion, the picture for American companies doing business in China is pretty good and not all that different from last year.

If you are a business owner who wants to expand business, increase income, and decrease overall costs, then you just have to look at China.

China is certainly not only one of the biggest markets in the world, however because they have different business standards and practices than most of exactly what we would call the First World, they can also make items as well as complete projects for a much cheaper cost in many instances than whenever you compare those tasks to a firm in other First World nations.

In other words, if you want to make some serious cash, then you need at least one foot in the door someplace within China.

In order to do that, however, you need a specialized set of abilities that will allow you to effectively turn that foot in the door into a full fledged relationship. What functions in your nation is definitely not going to work in China, thus you re going to have to throw all of the negotiation abilities, your thoughts of just what your advantages and strengths are compared to other businesses, and very much everything else you thought you knew about business.

China is a whole different ball game, and if you go in unprepared, then you’re going to find yourself consumed alive.

How Do You Prepare Yourself? By Learning What Works as well as What Doesn’t In China

You and your business partners don’t have to go into China completely unprepared. All you have to do is invest a couple time learning what exactly is going to work in China whenever it comes to negotiations and just what isn’t going to work. Very than go through the trial as well as error process on this as well as possibly lose your own shirt, and home, when you make the incorrect move, you can invest a week understanding exactly what it takes to be able to succeed and then apply it. Does that sound too good to be true? Then you haven’t heard regarding the trainings of China Business Connect.

China Business Connect Will Give You the Tools You Should Succeed

With 165 full text slides, hours of audio trainings, along with a reference book that will likely become the business Bible when it comes to negotiating in China, you will fast get the tools you need to make a huge impression on this major market. Because history is such an important facet of the Chinese culture, China Business Connect takes you through the history of Chinese business first as well as foremost so that you can understand what is important in that nation as well as why. From the basics of Chinese culture to exactly what kind of strategy the Chinese have historically used in all of their negotiating tactics, you ll get a glimpse of where China was as well as just how that relates to China today.

From there, you ll learn the certain negotiating tips that are going to not just earn you the regard of your Chinese negotiating partners, but will also put you on the fast track to success. Certainly some of your learned abilities will transfer over here, but make sure you keep a great open mind, because most of the experience isn’t going to apply. That’s precisely why this training is so beneficial – it teaches you what you need to know through the experience that you ve already gained thus to easily translate that experience into something that is useful.

Discover Out What Makes the Chinese Tick

Just as particular techniques come into play whenever you may be negotiating with American businessmen and ladies, particular tips come into play when you may be negotiating with the Chinese too. China Business Connect takes you through the 36 specific techniques that are proven winners whenever you are at the negotiating table, real or figurative, so that you can always maximize your purchase, sale, or investment.

Keep in mind – the Chinese ultimately have a trump card that you don’t have whenever it comes to signing on the dotted line. they can pull the resources of their government to influence a better deal. Along with stressors on relationships instead of legal precedents and the different tips and ploys that might be pulled on you to try to get you to waiver in the position to one that is more favorable to them, you ll learn everything you need to walk in ready and leave a winner.

If you are ready to step up to the plate and begin saving money with or perhaps expanding into China thus that you can do better business, then check out what China Business Connect can do for you. With their tips, tips, trainings, and information, you ll be able to make more as well as save over ever before, and when it comes to business, those tend to be all of the buttons you want to push every time.

Paragon Law’s Thalej Vasishta is amongst a group of the foremost advisors who have been brought together by LexusNexus to train lawyers, accountants and other advisors on acting for Chinese high networth individuals and companies.

This full day’s training, taking place at the Radisson Edwardian Bloomsbury Hotel on 26 April 2012 will also include Clive Mackintosh, Head of Private Client Tax PwC, Ashley Crossley, Partner at Baker and Mckenzie and Michelle Wong, Head of China Desk DTZ.

Thalej Vasishta said that the “key experience that I have had when being involved in cross border transactions involving China is the very different cultural dynamics at play which quite often results in projects not going at the same pace as that in Europe. However this should be used positively to build long term and effective relationships with your Chinese counterparts. The training will expand on this but also address more specfic issues such as inheritance, property buying habits and dual taxation issues that effect Chinese businesses or nationals who are looking to locate to the UK ”

Thalej advises Chinese entreprenuers, investors and businesses on the UK immigration Rules to enter and remain in the UK. He recently advised Changan ( China’s second largest car maker) on their inward investment project in setting up their R&D plant in Nottingham, UK. Thalej will discuss at the training the current Rules with regard to immigration and also touch on his and Paragon Law’s experience in China.

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