Nottingham solicitor, Mark Lilley-Tams of Immigration law firm Paragon Law has been selected as an Independent Funding Adjudicator of the Legal Aid Agency.

The Government’s Legal Aid Agency makes decisions on whether a legal case merits legal aid funding. Mr Lilley-Tams’ responsibility as an Adjudicator will be to review decisions taken by The Agency on such matters and he will also review decisions of legal representatives who refuse to represent their client’s on legal aid.

Nationally there are currently 26 Adjudicators with specialist immigration and asylum knowledge.

Mr Lilley-Tams, who heads up Paragon Law’s personal immigration department said that “at a time when legal aid cuts have meant that fewer people will qualify for legal representation I see my role as an incredibly important public function which I hope will ensure that those who are entitled to legal aid funding will receive it and therefore ensuring that justice prevails”.